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Welcome To World’s First Rewardbase Cryptocurrency For Green Energy. Making the Earth Green Again.

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World's First Green Energy Utility Token

GSGT Cryptocurrency act as a reward for most socially and/or environmentally sound practices in the system and, therefore, can enhance clean energy investments. Furthermore, GSGT will serve to tokenize resources, which creates a possibility to shape novel markets and innovative business models, based on the division of assets and ownership. GreenspiritGlobal is applying GSGT to allure new investors and organize additional financing options, such as, for instance, Initial Coin Offering (ICO). GreenSpiritGlobal Green Energy token(GSGT) aimed at fostering IoT, sustainable and renewable energy investments.


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Energy Problems.?

The current energy systems are incorporating increasing shares of renewable energy sources (RES). This transformation, driven by a sustainable triple-bottom-line concept of generating value through economic, environmental, and societal performances of the energy companies, has been further boosted by privatization, as well as financial and energy policy incentives.RES are inconstant, hard to forecast and weather-depending, which causes difficulties in operations management of electricity systems. The emergence of distributed energy markets requires novel technology solutions to support energy and information sharing. Hence, due to distributed and irregular nature of renewable energy sources, innovative technologies are essential to bringing their expansion to the next level.

Solutions to Energy Problems

Safe and Secure


Creating P2P EV charging network.

Instant Exchange


Solving the grid to grid conservation of energy.

Strong Network


Creating an safe secure solution to CC industry .

Mobile Apps


Maintaining after lifes of products using real time transparent data recording system.

Margin Trading


A green sustainable solution to 4th piller of tech revolution.


A Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20) Token Standard Cryptocurrency Operating In The System As An Alternative Means To Pay For Services And In Other EV Industry. It Can Be Used In Any Cryptocurrency Marketplace That Accepts Payment With GSGT And Its Value Will Be Determined Based On Market Forces. A Limited Quantity token May Be Issued To Users As A Reward For Qualifying Transactions And Activities On The GSGT Platform. For Example, When A User Pays For The Usage Of A Electric Vehicle Charger With GSGT , Further Incentives Will Be Offered To Help Create Demand For The Use Of GSGT. A User Can Makes Payment With Fiat Or GSGT Coins On The Charging stations Platform. In Instances Where A Private Owner Shares Their Charging Station, Such Private Owner Will Be Eligible For A Certain Amount Of GSGT as A Reward For Sharing In Addition To Any Other Usage Payment As The Electric Vehicle Market Continues To Grow, Related Infrastructure Is Also Expected To Expand. A Portion Of The Funds Raised From The Token Sale Of The GSGT Coins Will Be Set Aside To Support Activities Of The GSGT Platform.

Green Spirit Global

GreenspiritGlobal is applying GSGT to allure new investors and organize additional financing options, such as, for instance, Initial Coin Offering (ICO). GreenSpiritGlobal Green Energy token(GSGT) aimed at fostering IoT, sustainable and renewable energy investments.


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IEO will start in

Circulating Supply 21.6 Cr. Total Supply72 Cr.
IEO Supply

Road Map (Phase-1)

A roadmap is a high-level visual summary that helps map out the vision as well as the direction of a specific product.

GSGT RoadMap For Phase One - EV & Charging Station Ecosystem.

July 2021

Concept Designing
R&D,Team Building.

Live Now
May 2022

Website Development
Token Development

Live Now
June 2022


Live Now
July 2022

Collaboration With CharzeBlock
For Building EV charging network.

Live Now
August 2022

Private Sale

Live Now
September 2022

Initial Exchange Offering

Live Now
December 2022


February 2023


March 2023

Listing on
Indian Exchange

August 2023

Start Deploying EV
Charging Stations with Charzeblock

October 2023

Launch of
Green Wallet.

February 2024

Listing On
International Exchange

September 2024

Collaboration with asian
EV Charging infra Company.

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GSGT Is Collaborating with India's Fastest Growing EV Charging Station Network CharzeBlock.

We created Reward base Crypto Token GSGT and Charzeblock provided Infrastructure to make India EV ready. Plug in at Charzeblock EV charging point and earn GSGT tokens in reward.

World's First Green Energy Token GSGT IEO Launch with VIPS Finstock.

This is the beginning of a new Era in Green Energy. World's first crypto Token GSGT rewarding the use of green energy is now ready to buy with India's fastest growing crypto Exchange VIPS. Let's together make our planet green GSGT and VIPS FINSTOCK.